Fest Series | The Fest Series
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The Fest Series

What the Fest Series are all about
The FEST is a series of rider driven invitational events. It was was created by a crew of the most talented and progressive professional FREERIDERS, recognized around the world for their riding, track building and media production skills.  The original 6 FEST riders are: Andreu Lacondeguy, Nico Vink, Makken, Nick Pescetto, Kurt Sorge and Graham Agassiz.


The FEST brings out the purest and realest essence of MTB Freeriding, which is about pushing the limits of the sport by always building new lines, and riding massive jumps in optimal conditions. 


The FEST Crew
Hoff Fest Organiser & Rider

Kurt Sorge

A classic canadian soulrider, who ain´t afraid to go big. With numerous parts in NWD films and ``Where the trail ends`` he´s a household name in mountainbiking, and he´s even got a Rampage win to back up his reputation as one of the best big mountain riders in the industry.

Hillbilly Høkkfest Organiser & Rider

Mads Andre Haugen

The redneck from the mountains of Norway paved his own roads in mountainbiking by making his own filmprojects and creating his own signature event at Hillbilly Huckfest. Kills it on everything from sleds, to MX bikes, to dirt jumps, but spends most of his time in the woods on his Trek Session, and recently launched his brand Rolling Solid.

Aggys Reunion Organiser & Rider

Graham Agassi

You¨ll find him in most of the big MTB films like ``Rad Company`` NWD, and Where the trail ends, and in 2014 Aggys own invitational event won the Pinkbike award for ``Best freeride event``


Andreu Lacondeguy

He´s spent the last 10 years winning everything from Joyride titles to dirt jump comps, to Red Bull Rampage. In 2015 he´s making his own Fest Series event. Gonna be big for sure!

Loose Fest Organiser & Rider

Nico Vink

Nico has been racing the WC cirquit and building BMX trails for two decades, and the way we see it this is the perfect education for building a Fest Series line.

Fest Series organiser

Nick Pescetto

Pro rider for Scott bikes, founder of CP Gang, and trailboss at La Poma. Nick takes care of the media production for Fest Series and has the biggest fro in the business.