Fest Series | Main session at Loose FEST just went down
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Main session at Loose FEST just went down

Main session at Loose FEST just went down


Nico Vink is a beast and a man of his word.  He guinnea pigged the 100 foot stepdown that him and Gayton Rey, Nicos building partner and filmer, finished this morning.

Sam and Andreu followed right after while most riders decided to stay satisfied with the first three jumps. Ramon Hunziger though, went for the huck, and came up a bit short, ejected, and slid about 50 more meters down the hill. Who knows how he walked out of what probably is the longest crash ever on a bike.

As soon as the riders got through the line, they obviously didn´t wait long before sending the tricks.  The regular 3´s, flips and supermans is out of the way, so lets see what tomorrows session brings.

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